About Us

I went to Art School in the early 1990s and spent many subsequent years making abstract oil paintings. I was fascinated with finding examples of my color fields in the natural world, and often found them in horticulture. Years passed, and the painting subsided; I began taking photographs to keep my eye involved, as raising my son with my wife, Sarah, became my principle activity.

A few years ago, I took a series of photographs which startled me. I felt they somehow belonged on objects of decor, rather than simply as pictures on display. I found a manufacturer which produced a set of placemats that I gifted my mother. They were an instant success with all who encountered them. I produced a subsequent set for my sister.

I launched Gregory Dennis Design in late 2021. Now, my original photographic work of friends’ and family members’ gardens finds its way onto a variety Home Décor items - Curate an exhibit on your dining room table with one of my placemat sets. Use my trays practically, or simply enjoy having them on display.

I am so pleased with the response to my designs, and I appreciate all who have taken the time to learn more about my collection, and who have supported my brand.